US road trip


Before we came to Sri Lanka we went on an amazing two-week road trip. I’ve been several places in the US but it was so refreshing to go places I wouldn’t normally have chosen- like Montana. I was pleasantly surprised!

We started off in Arizona with all our suitcases in the car (packed and ready for our flight to Sri Lanka). First stop was Utah, then Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, and Banff, Canada. We spent two nights in Banff (which was so amazing). If you have never been- its definitely a sight to see! It’s a small little ski town with good food, friendly people, and beautiful scenery.

On our way up to the northern part of the country we went through several National Parks: Zion (Utah), Yellowstone and Grand Teton (Wyoming), and Glacier (Montana). We went in June but there was snow on the Teton mountains and it was definitely chilly in Banff.

After Canada we traveled back through Montana, over to North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and finally Michigan. By this time we were exhausted and ready to relax! We stayed two more weeks in Michigan and spent some time with our friends at their lake house. This was such an amazing experience and I can’t wait to do another road trip!



Lake Michigan





Somewhere in Montana


Maple leaves in Michigan




Road to Zion, Utah


Friends in Zion


Teton mountains


Glacier Natl. Park, Montana






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