First trip around Sri Lanka


Rambutan fruit


I love traveling. Anything to get me out of the house. Don’t get me wrong- I am also a homebody. I’m always trying to find a balance between both.

When we first landed in Sri Lanka in June 2016 we stayed one night in our new apartment (which we had never seen except for pictures) and left the next morning for a road trip. We traveled around the island for four whole days.

Everything was so vibrant and exciting. There were tiny two-lane roads all around the city and through the countryside. There were cows grazing freely on the sides of these narrow roads.  People also drive on the right side of the car and left side of the road! This was very shocking to me lol.

All along the streets there are people selling fruits and veggies and also toys in some places. We stopped and grabbed mangosteens, rambutans, sliced mangos, bananas, and fresh coconut water. This was paradise to me.

As you are driving down the winding roads you might see a truck with an elephant in the back. Or monkeys hanging out in the trees with their babies. I’ve seen a monkey take a two-liter of coke that someone set on the ground and run off with it!

In the mornings at the hotel you have a choice between Sri Lankan breakfast or English breakfast. Sri Lankan breakfast usually comes with milk rice (rice soaked in coconut milk and formed into a square shape), seeni sambol (sweet onion relish), chicken or fish curry, and fresh tropical fruit such as papaya or mango.



Hatton, Sri Lanka


Hatton, Sri Lanka


View from our hotel room in Kandy, Sri Lanka


Pit-stop at a tea house






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