The Buddhist monks next door



We live next door to a bunch of Buddhist monks. Literally the next house over. Early in the morning they can be heard singing their prayers over their loud speaker . This happens about 5:30 am and can last all day long. Like today.

They do this specifically on “Poya” days. Poya is a public holiday which occurs every month on the full moon. Lots of people get the day off and they even stop selling alcohol. I thought this was SO interesting. I was like “people really get the day off for the full moon?”

I think going to a Buddhist temple is one of my favorite things to do in Sri Lanka. It’s so peaceful and beautiful. They have sacred Bodhi trees that they adorn with Buddhist flags and tapestries. “Bodhi” translated to English means “enlightened” or “awakened”. It is said that Buddha became enlightened while sitting under this tree.

When you go to a Buddhist temple you are quickly overtaken by the aroma of freshly lit incense. Its heavenly. There are also lots of candles lit from ghee (clarified butter) in small pots which you can purchase before entering the temple. You can light these little pots and give them as an offering to the Buddha and say a prayer. You can also purchase fresh flowers for offerings including Jasmine flowers.



Bodhi tree (aka Fig tree)


Athugala Buddha Statue


Candle offerings


Flower offerings to the Buddha




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