The Indian monsoons have been hitting Sri Lanka the past few days since I’ve been back. It’s pure bliss. At 3:47 am I woke up to the sound of rain pouring down on our house.

The rain cools down the otherwise muggy and humid air. Right now there is stillness with no rain and a faint breeze coming through my window. I just heard a monkey making his loud call into the jungle.

I woke up wondering what to write about today. Then I remembered about the geckos. Sri Lanka doesn’t have your average lizards. These ones are tiny and can be clear-looking or even dark green. They love to poop everywhere.

This is slightly annoying because there are A TON OF GECKOS. The house we live in isn’t sealed completely so they come in and out as they please. As soon as I am done putting clean sheets on the bed- one poops on it. I am not kidding.

So one morning around 6 am I am lying there in bed and all of a sudden i feel a fine mist graze my whole face. I am livid because I know EXACTLY what just happened. I open my eyes and on the other side of the mosquito net on our ceiling is a gecko. RIGHT above my face. I just got peed on. By a tiny little lizard.




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